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The Intuitive Walker James Tierney Tracking Lost Pets To Reunite With Owners

James Tierney is an Intuitive Pet Tracker based in Brooklyn, NY. He has worked many cases in New Jersey , New York, California, and even Australia. James first made the connection with animals through his business, a pet care service, where he spent six years walking and pet sitting. James uses his intuition abilities as leads to help solve cases on lost pets. has James never given up on his cases and have reunited several pets back to their owners. . James Tierney is a certified Missing Animal Response Technician and a member of the Missing Animal Response Network.

James Tierney is an Intuitive Pet Tracker. He reunites lost pets with his intuitive abilities, back with the owners in New York and the tristate area. He's been on the news and was in a documentation in the New Yorker. For more information go to James' website:

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