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The Paseo Del Morro Cats Are In Danger From Federal Park Services.

The Cats from El Paseo Del Morro in Old San Juan PR were in the island since the 1500's. The Spaniards brought the cats in their ship and left the cats in the island. Cats were in the island since, from generations to generations. It became a tourist attraction from around he globe. People came to see these cats. Fed them and even adopted them. The federal government now want to get rid of them. The non profit organization called Save A Gato was formed to save the cats.

Karla Colom is a volunteer of "Save A Gato", a non profit organization. Karla and other volunteers of Save A Gato are actively working on the ongoing issue with the National Park Service regarding the removal of the cats within Paseo del Morro. The cats that reside in Paseo del Morro represent a portion of the cats they care for in Old San Juan, PR. They trap the cats that live in the area, get them medical attention, Trap/Neuter & Release (TNR), and look for loving homes for them to spend the rest of their lives safe and loved.

Save A Gato needs your support in keeping the cats in El Paseo Del Morro where they belong.

Karla Colom will give you the inside scoop of whats going on. The work she has done with the organization to keep the felines healthy, safe and alive. These are her stories.

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