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Migrant Pets - Dangerous Rescues

A Ruby Montana in El Paso is trying to unite migrants with the pets they had to leave behind. She even endanger her life saving animals from the dangerous drug cartels. Ruby is the founder of Bridge Pups Rescue.

Foster-based Rescue for pups and cats who crosses the International Bridges from Juarez to El Paso Texas.

Migrants coming to the southern border and cannot bring their pets into the United States. Pets had to actually be left behind. Most border patrol agents contacts Ruby Montana from El Paso Texas , and she saves the dogs and cats and reunites them back to he family. Listen to Ruby's incredible dangerous, fabulous stories at the Southern Border, here on The Your Pet Detective Show.

Viva La Mocha is also jumping in on helping our four legged friends with the creation of there shirts that read, "El Paso Strong." A take on the original El Paso Strong t-shirts that the local business created after the August 3rd shooting.

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