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Prevent Missing Or Stolen Pets In Your Yard

I remember when I was a kid in NYC there was a dog named Fluffy. I think it was a border collie. This dog was in my grandmother's building. The owner of this dog lived on the second floor. He use to open the apartment door and let Fluffy loose in the building. The dog ran down the stairs and stood by the exit door. Waiting for somebody in or outside the building to open the door. When somebody opens the door Fluffy would run out and go around the corner. Does his necessities, and run back to the building. He would sit by the stoop of the entrance waiting for somebody to open the door. When somebody opens the door Fluffy would run up those stairs to the second floor and pushes the door open to his apartment. Everybody knew Fluffy.

There was another neighborhood dog named Spanky. He was a street dog. A beagle mix. Even though he was a street dog he always followed one kid named Franky. Franky would come to the block and that dog would come out of nowhere. He would just show up. We all hanged out and that dog was like one of the fellows. Unfortunate Spanky was hit by a car. Dog did have a long life though.

What I am getting at is that we trust our pets like we trust humans. We let our dogs out without watching and expect them to keep up with their routines everyday. Like grown ups do in their lives. THe thing is routines do get broken and we always have a plan B to fix our routines or problems. Our pets don't have a plan B and that's how they get lost or even stolen. Studies shows that dogs has a mind of a 3 years old child. Would you leave your 3 years old child unattended loose in the streets? You would get locked up for Endangering The Welfare Of A Child. Which is a crime. Unfortunately some pets does not have the luck as Fluffy. Some dogs or cats do not return home. The pet runs off to a new adventure, they are stolen, or worse ending in a tragedy like Spanky.

As a pet owner you must watch over your pets. Check your back yard before letting your pets out. Check your property for anything unusual or broken. A hole can be made by a wild animal or fence is broken and you didn't notice it. Make sure your fence is high enough for your pet not to jump over it. Check your yard for any unknown objects. Somebody can throw something in your property in which can hurt your pets. Never leave your pets unattended in the yard.

If your pets are not spayed or nuetered please do so. While in heat they will run away and do what they have to do to go towards their destination . Like in the movies bringing puppies home. A fixed dog would help your pet live longer and have better behavior. In other words a calm submissive pet and less territorial. Less urination in the house. That goes with cats too.

When your pet is in the yard don't leave them alone. Watch over them. If you go in the house your pets goes in with you. It takes a split secound for your pets to go missing or stolen. Don't rely on invisible fences or doggie doors. You will get unwanted visitors like wildlife laying on your sofa. Believe me this happens more then you can imagine. I get these calls a lot. The owners cannot believe their dogs or cats just runs off. Somebody stole their pets, and it might be so. Somebody can steal your pet. But also your pet can run off. Or wildlife from above or by land prey on your it. It only takes once for it to happen. It's up to you as a pet owner to prevent it from happening.

Take these simple steps to prevent missing or stolen pets. Remember only you can prevent it from happening. Only you!

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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