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Pets Outside In The Cold

Keeping a dog outside 24 x 7 all year round claiming it is out there to protect the house and family is barbaric and a lame excuse.The way we feel for our furry friends is more than friends now. It is family. You don't keep family outside in the cold. You keep them inside nice and warm. With shelter to sleep and food to keep their belly full. Remember the way a person treats an animal is the way they treat humans. Dogs for always were in packs. They are very loyal and protect their packs. If you own a dog you are part of their pack. They will be loyal and protect you as one of their own. That is an instinct. That is automatic. I am not an animal behaviorist but I do observe and educate myself. Please, keep your dogs at home. Don't keep them outside. Your dog can runaway or be taken by somebody who cares.

- Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

Author of.” Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?” It’s on Amazon today.

(PS ... Do not take any animals away from somebody's property. It is a crime and you can do jail time.)

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