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Gordon The Cat Saved A Cat Colony & Changed A Man's Life

Francisco Trinidad the Founder of Gordon's Project Friends and Gordon the Cat himself.

For donation to The Gordon's Project Friends go to GoFundme link.

Gordon the cat changed the life of Francisco Trinidad . Francisco a construction worker and was injured from the job. Now collecting Workers Compensation Comp. One day he was sitting in his back yard looking at his project car feeling hopeless because he couldn't work on his car. Then Gordon the cat showed up looking through the garbage can looking for food. Francisco went to the store and picked up some cat food. He came back to the yard and put a can of food on the floor. Gordon went and smelled the food then walked away. Didn't taste the food. Minutes later Gordon came back with another cat and introduced the food. The other cat ate the food. Little by little Gordon brought over more cats to the yard. That's when the new journey came in. Francisco and his wife became rescuers and founder of "The Gordon's Project Friends". Taking care of a colony of cats and adopting those which were domestic. Thanks to Gordon the cat. Not only he saved a colony but also changed a man's life. Hear Francisco story and his success on the Your Pet Detective Show. Hosted by Ardina Seward and Angel Nieves.

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