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Feral Cats Out Of Control & The Secrets Of Pet Insurance

Kristin A Crage an Animal Rights, Women's Rights Activist, Dancer, Writer, and Novelist. Founder of Yonkers Low Cost Spay & Neuter Initiative. Kristin also loves to play the drum. West African Rythms.

"There are no walls between humans and animals except those we put up ourselves. Until we allow all living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be whole ourselves."

- Kristin A. Crage

Yonkers Low Cost Spay/Neuter Initiative

"People can't afford the $500 or $600 bill, so we can do a low-cost clinic,” says organizer Kristin Crage. “With the amount of money we spend on mobile clinics, we can do a low-cost clinic."

Yonkers is filled with hundreds of strays who need help. A low-cost spay and neuter clinic needs to be created to control the number of stray cats and kittens born on the street, who are often sick or abused.

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Introducing Leinad Reed, former pro-basketball player turned writer/activist; a new and very different kind of hero for animals. Between Humans and Animals (BH&A) is a dramatic page-turner that details one man’s incredible journey to defend and protect those who cannot protect themselves in a world where laws are made, manipulated and ultimately broken. While Leinad works to create change for the animals he’s challenged personally with a past he must reconcile and let go of in order to have the future he wants. Reed takes on social change while the Universe demands self-change. Will he rise to the challenges or will he get benched? Find out as BH&A stretches your imagination with suspense and humor, from the macabre to the beautiful and all that is BETWEEN HUMANS AND ANIMALS.

Feral Cats is out of control in Westchester and most cities. Spay and Neuter is one huge solution in controlling the litter population and if done properly makes the cat colonies disappear all together. But that cost money. Kristin Crage is from Westchester has a plan in finding a budget to cut down costs and make it affordable for this project and also for pet owners. The politicians has to get involved.

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