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Exotic Animals & Wildlife In New York

John Picerno is one of the Founders of the (STAR) Save The Animals Rescue Foundation. Here's John with Tokoda the Wolf. Tokoda was a male cub when purchased by previous owner which couldn't control it. The wolf destroyed the house and bit a family member. The owner contacted the STAR Foundation and became best friend of John Picerno. Tokoda the wolf became an ambassador of the STAR Foundation for almost 11 years. Tokodo passed away on June 2023. He lived a beautiful good life and will be missed. RIP

" STAR Foundation is an LI non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization, dedicated to the welfare of domestic and wild animals. Our goal is to provide a safe haven for every injured or orphaned Long Island animal in need of medical care, rehabilitation, or humane euthanasia, and to return as many healthy animals as possible to their natural habitat."

The STAR Foundation are all volunteers and relies solely on donations. Please go to:

Exotic animals and wildlife in human captivity as pets which goes out of control. Law enforcement and DEC seize these animals. Who do they call? They call John Picerno, the Founder of Save The Animals Rescue Foundation (STAR). John will be talking about the wallaby in Coney Island, A bear kept in the basement, a wolf tore up a house and other wild cases. Including animals hurt and rescued in the wild, rehabbed and sent back out to the wild. It's a must see. Please drop a like, subscribe, and hit the notification button.

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