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Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko leader of the Maasai Tribe

Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko leader of the Maasai Tribe n Nairobi, Kenya. He leads a tribe of over 5000 people. Chief Joseph is the president of the MAGSA-OUTREACH which draws its members from Ntashat, an area with economic and social problems some 40 km outside of Nairobi.

Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko believes that animals provide so much to his people and they should be treated with respect and love. They do not have proper access to veterinary care, which causes illness amongst their animals and their tribal members. Please donate to Maasai Project to help build animal shelters and clinics for domestic animals and wildlife.

Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko talks about the need for animal shelter and vet care for their domestic animals in the village. To protect the animals from hyenas and lions. Donations is deeply needed since they receive almost no funds from the Kenya government. Watch it here not The Your Pet Detective Show livestream on the YouTube channel. Also please drop a Like, Subscribe, and hit the Notification button while watching the show.

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