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Blue Lives Bully Rescue In NYC

My name is Ella, founder of Blue Lives Bully Rescue. I started rescuing independently in 2016 and obtained my 501c in 2019. The rescue’s name represents and stands for ‘Blue Lives’ which we respect and support and ‘Bully Rescue’ because we solely were rescuing bully breeds when we first started rescuing. We started rescuing pitbulls because they are the most loving & loyal breed but yet are so misunderstood. Owners give them a bad name by how they are raised. We strive to educate people on this amazing breed and we hope to end the stigma. Since then, we have expanded our rescue and take in every breed- regardless of health, age or disability. Our goal is to save the world, one dog at a time.

- Daniela Giarratano

Founder of Blue Lives Bully Rescue Inc.

Blue Lives Bully Rescue is a non profit organization 501c3. The organization saves abandoned dogs and looks to push back against negative stigmas surrounding larger canine breeds in the 5 boroughs of New York City. Helping the NYPD with surrenders and have volunteers fostering the dogs for better companions upon adoptions. If you like to adopt, volunteer, or donate just hit the above pictures.

Daniela Giarratano, well known as Ella is the founder of Blue Lives Bully Rescue in New York City. She get calls from the NYPD in all 5 boroughs to rescues dogs. Mainly pit bulls. Listen to her stories of dangerous situations in her rescues and the truth on Pit bulls.

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