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Actress Leesa Rowland Founder of Animal Ashram

Leesa Rowland is an Actress, Author and Animal Activists. Leesa is the Founder of Animal Ashram. She is well known for her role as Victoria in Troma Entertainment's, "Class of Nuke "Em Hight ," parts 2 and 3, "Return to Nuke "Em High, Travis Cambell's thriller "Slaughter Daughters", and in "Two City Girls"

On Oxygen Network Youtube Channel.

Animal Ashram provides grants and funding to worthy organizations and individuals offering sanctuary to homeless and helpless animals of all species. Animal Ashram respects and promotes the oneness of life and the principles of Ahimsa. The not-for-profit mission is to raise money for a variety of educational and public outreach programs, provide funding resources and raise awareness of equality of life among all living beings. For more information go to the website:

Watch Leesa Rowland's interview on her dedication, love and her passion towards animals. It is her life.

The Charisma Factor reflects Leesa's deep understanding of personal growth and charisma. It's testimonies of her journey of self-discovery and her desire to empower others to find and project their own best . You can get her book on Amazon or in Barnes & Noble.

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