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A Barking Little Fella

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A couple of years ago, at approximately 10:30 at night I went to the supermarket and saw this little fellow barking up a storm and tied up on a pole. A man walking up to the dog and started to play with the dog. I approached him to talk to him. He then started to ask a lady if it was her dog. I then was curious and started a conversation with the guy. He told me the dog was out for a good 15-20 minutes barking. The dog is very friendly.

I started to take pictures of the dog and made believe I took a picture with him and the dog. The guy went inside the store to get the owner. Ten minutes later the owner came out with groceries and smiling seeing us with his dog. I told him his dog was very easy to take because it was very friendly. He told me that he wasn't out to long. I told him it was a half an hour. The owner then told me who would want to take this mutt.

I confronted him and asked him if he loves his dog. Without him responding I continues to ask if his family loves this dog. Is his dog a part of his family. He responded yes. Then I told him by leaving the dog the way he did not only the dog will be stolen but he will never see his dog again. What will your family think of you by doing this mistake. He put his head down and did not look at me and said "Not good. Thank you for watching my dog."

This is the mentality of some owners. Cases mentioned above is one of the most reasons of pets are being stolen. As pet owners you need to take the time to take the dog home before doing your errands.

In my book, " Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?: A Guide To Finding Your Pets", I will give tips in protecting your pets. The book will guide you what to do if pet goes missing and what to do if you find a pet which isn't yours. It has a lot of helpful information and easy to read. It' also a great investigative tool for law enforcement.

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