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Zoo Theft across America & Pets Rights as Tenants

Tonight on the Your Pet Detective Show. Vandalism and animal theft in zoos going rampant around the country. Kenneth Evseroff will talk about his tragic experience on Pets Rights as tenants. Also Chris Bleicher's special urns made in Germany.

Kenneth Evseroff is a Former Anchor, Managing Editor, Producer and Writer, "New To The Street" Business Program. Airs on The Fox Business Network and ION Television. Camera Operator, Hand held, Ped, Robotics, News, Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America, The View, All My Children, One Life To live, Nightline

Chris Bleicher is a contemporary artist who is regaled for her work in neon. A celebrity in her native Germany, her art has been exhibited throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Chris also paints urns and coffins for dead dogs, cats and birds.

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