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Sometimes people say why do some people have children. I say why some people have pets.

I went to the supermarket in the Bronx and observed an elderly lady tying this little pooch on a pole further down in an isolated area. I approached her and was educating her regarding dogs being stolen , especially in the holidays. She told me she have done this in the past and nothing ever happened. I told her it only takes once then she will never see her dog again. She listened and took him off the pole.

I then went inside and did my groceries. When I exited the store I saw the dog tied on the pole in which I took this picture right next to a salvation army lady asking for money. I walked up to the dog and the dog jumped on me willing to play. I could easily walked away with this dog. I asked the Salvation Army lady to please watch the dog and I put money in the bucket. I stood from afar and approximately 15 minutes later she came out to get her dog. Unbelievable but true!

People please if you are doing any types of errand or go anywhere and you know they do not allow pets leave em at home. If you are with the pet and "Pets Not Allowed", then take em home then do whatever you have to do. It only takes one incident for a tragedy. Avoid it by taking the time to be responsible for your furry companions.

For more awareness in protecting your pets please get my book,” Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?” Get it for yourself or give it as a gift to other pet owners you know. You can get my book on Amazon or my website

- Angel Nieves

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