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What to do if you find a lost pet?

If you find a lost pet take it to the police station of the location where you found the pet. That’s the place of occurrence. It’s a big possibility that’s where the owner goes to make a report of their pet missing. Give your information to the officer at the desk.

Then go to a vet. A veterinarian will scan for a microchip and if there is one and if it is accurate contact the owner.

Other places to take lost pet if vet is not available would be to a rescue organization in your area. They will help you find the owner. The rescue group has more experience in joining the pets with their owners .

Go back to the area where you found the lost pet and look for posted flyers. Also make flyers of lost pet in the area found. Put it on the Internet for example Facebook or Craiglist under pets or lost and found.

When somebody does come forward make sure it is their pet with proof of purchase or adoption papers. Vet papers etc. The location of transaction should be at the local police station. It is a good meeting area for both parties since both are strangers and there is no trust. Police Officers are good witnesses.

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Angel Nieves

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