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Updates on Angel Investigations LLC & Your Pet Detective Inc.

Angel Investigations Llc and Your Pet Detective Inc. are two companies in which will work hand in hand to help people and animals alike. The goal and purpose is private investigations, education and awareness. A guide to help people and animals with their legal problems and to be the voice of the voiceless. To let them know they are not alone. To investigate cases and guide them to the right agencies. But the most important is to prevent it from happening. That's the key and importance. That's were the education and awareness comes in.

Your Pet Detective Inc. is main purpose is education and awareness. To prevent the situation from happening. It's more of a consultation on prevention on pet theft and or your pets going missing. Angel's experiences as a former NYPD Detective uses his experiences for the animals. He became the voice for the hopeless. My philosophy is if you can prevent it from happening it would be harder to occur. Be more educated and being aware to prevent it from happening. That why I wrote the book," Do You Know Where Your Pets Are? - A Guide In Finding Your Pets". The book provides readers a guide to finding their missing or stolen pets. It gives great insight into preventing abductions and keeping pets safe. Angel provides captivating first hand experiences on the cases he has solved and the animals he has saved along the way. Your Pet Detective Inc doesn't do investigative work But Angel Investigations Llc does.

Angel Investigations will do all investigations. The company is licensed by the NYS Department of State and is also Bonded. Angel Nieves the owner of both companies is a former NYPD Detective Investigator with over 40 years experience in the public and private sector. With all his experiences Angel is solving cases for people and animals.

We also do other business inquires , media or speaking engagements. Please go to the website and go under contact and fill out the information.

We are aware that people do have financial hardship. Needing a private investigator is a spur of the moment situation. Something which wasn't planned and money is tight. That's why Angel Investigations Llc came up with a payment plan. Payments can be used with most credit cards. Also payments can be a monthly plan with the company Affirm, if qualified.

Angel Investigations Llc & Your Pet Detective Inc. is not only work for you but will also work for you. If you need our assistance please go to the website. or

Angel Nieves (owner)

Angel Investigations Llc


Your Pet Detective Inc.

Angel Investigations Llc is the investigative portion of the cases. We will take your case

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