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Safety In The Holidays

We are approaching the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. The biggest time of the year for scams,robberies and burglaries. Be alert at all times. Don't get distracted and become a victim. Change your routines. Especially if you own a business. Stay away from your cellular phone when walking the streets, in the trains or busses.

Watch over your pets. Running around on the holidays and trying to get things done would distract you. You can become a target by getting your pets stolen from thieves. You may leave in a rush leave the gate or door open to the house. Walking out the door and not noticing you dog or cat is following you. Now left alone in the streets.

DO NOT leave your pets unattended at any time. Not even for a split second. No short cuts. The safest place for your pets is at home. Believe me, your pets will disappear.

Get my book,” Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?” Get it for yourself or give it as a gift to others who owns a pet. Education and Awareness will keep your pets safe.


Angel Nieves

Angel Investigations Llc


Your Pet Detective Inc.

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