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Rescuing Abandon Dogs In Puerto Rico Documentary by Evelyn Vaccaro & Andrea Herrick

After the Hurricane Maria in 2017, earthquakes and then COVID animals were abandoned in the streets trying to survive. Thank to the rescuers and animal lovers in Puerto Rico gave all there time and effort to help the animals to survive. They gave everything they have and more. Thanks to Andrea Herrick founder of Proud Rescuers of Puerto Rico and Evelyn Vaccaro the director and producer of the documentary movie ," For Sato Sake" Brining awareness to the world the help needed in Puerto Rico.


On September 21, 2011 my 5 pound Yorkie Opie James was attacked at a local dog park and met his demise. On that day I swore to him that I would dedicate my life to rescue in his memory. The next day I received a NY Times in my driveway (I do not subscribe) the universe had answered my plea. I opened it up to an article on "Dead Dog Beach" in Puerto Rico. I volunteered that day and was with the rescue for several years. Along the way I met so many amazing independent women rescuers across the island who needed help — so "PRoud Rescuers of PR" was born to help them continue to help the animals in need. Since then we have saved over 300+ dogs/puppies and over 200+ cats/kittens. We are a team and we believe there is strength in unity.

Please Donate to Proud Rescuers of Puerto Rico

As an actor, Evelyn Vaccaro's hard work and dedication to her craft have earned her numerous roles in national commercials and dramatic acting roles in such films as John Wick 3, Absolute Madness directed by Kevin J. Hynes, Skirting the Issues directed by Carlos Berrios, Crimesight by Trey Lindsay, where she played a heroic assassin and performed her own fight scenes and stunts.

Off Camera Capabilities Evelyn Vaccaro is based in New York and travels nationwide as a Freelance Producer. Evelyn is a veteran in the world of video production, marketing, and multimedia production. As a Producer, Evelyn calls upon a team of industry professionals to fulfill the specialized needs of clients.

Watch the above trailer, "For Satos Sake Documentary"

Filmed over 4 years on both the island of Puerto Rico and throughout the mainland of the United States, For Sato’s Sake is an informative, inspiring, emotionally intense documentary which gives the viewers an inside look at the homeless animal crisis in Puerto Rico. It also highlights the incredible efforts made by a group of rescuers who have come together, from all different walks of life, for one common goal: to save the lives of these sentient beings often found struggling to survive on their own. Filled with heartwarming moments, the documentary explores the resilience, strong will and heart of both the rescuer and their rescues, many of whom despite against all odds and with the love and kindness from their rescuers, fosters and supporters, have secured forever homes where they now live happier and healthier lives.

Evelyn Vaccaro

Andrea Herrick

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