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Puppy Scams On The Rise.

Paul Brady, an Online Security Researcher with more than two decades of experience, established in 2017 to tackle the increasing prevalence of Online Puppy Scams. The outbreak of Covid-19 in 2019 led to a significant surge in this fraudulent activity, as people, confined to their homes and lacking typical social interactions, opted to purchase pets online. Exploiting the situation, the scammers were poised to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Paul has collaborated with various Law Enforcement agencies and consumer groups across multiple countries, such as the BBB, FTC, and Action Fraud. His expertise and contributions have led to his involvement in numerous podcasts and citations in news reports addressing the issue of Online Pet Scams.

See the Your Pet Detective Show, Angel Nieves and Ardina Seward interviewing Paul Brady, founder of , on Pet Scamming worldwide.

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