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Protect your Family

WE all know it's a cruel world out there. Bad people stealing our furry love ones. The law becomes vague in preventing these cases. Reports not made regarding missing/stolen pets. It sounds hopeless. What can we do. We are helpless!

I can tell you what to do. We can be aware and use preventions. WE have to take care of our pets. We already know that pets are stolen everyday. They are stolen because we allow it to happen. If you read the articles on the newspapers, animals are stolen from yards, in cars and tied on a pole while going shopping. Meanwhile people keep doing this trend and guess what? Thieves keeps taken them. Whose fault is that? The owners. If the pets are left unattended in these areas mentioned then keep them at home! It's that simple. Don't make it easy for these thieves.

Education is another way to prevent missing/stolen pets. The society has to be aware by others by telling them the danger in leaving their pets unattended. Store owners should have sign stating if dogs left alone on a pole or inside a vehicle they will be stolen. It should be up on billboards by animal advocates and politicians. The 3 ways of pets can be stolen and how to prevent it.

Another way on prevention is to spay and neuter your pets. By doing so you pets will not run away when they are in heat and thieves will not steal them for breeding. It is healthy for your pets if you do so anyway. It prevent them from cancer , less aggressive and they won't urinate all over your house.

Please follow my steps mentioned here. It will cut down at least 90% on missing/stolen pets and it would keep thieves away from your furry friends.

Also get my book,” Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?” It’s in my website or you can get it on Amazon. My book provides readers a guide to finding their missing or stolen pets. It gives great insight into preventing abductions and keeping pets safe. It also provides captivating first hand experiences on the cases he has solved and the animals he has saved along the way. Remember only you can prevent pet theft.

Thank you,

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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