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Prepare Your Pets Before The Storm

Please take storms seriously. Be prepared to leave from the announcement till the storm is over. If you have a safer place to go then go to it.

If you have any pets keep em safe and inside. Keep them as you were going to take them out. With harness or collar on. Don't keep them in a cage since you cannot predict how the storm is and if something happens the pet has to protect themselves. They cannot protect themselves in cages or tied up.

Have recent photos and proof of ownership of your pets. Take a photo of your pets and documents of proof of ownership. Email it to yourself. In case you lose your phone in the storm.

Call your microchip companies and update the information. Put your cell number as a contact. Make calls now that the emergency shelter would take in pets and tell them what you have.

I can go on and on , on safety procedures. The main one is use common sense. Do what you have to do to protect your property but most important is your family. Family is first. That includes your pets. Be safe out there. If it's time to go than do it. Egoes and attachments on properties can get you killed. So please be safe out there and use common sense.


Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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