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Pets In The Freezing Cold

Do you know where your pets are?

I hope your pets are not outside in the freezing cold. It’s 11• in NYC. They should be inside. Nice and warm. Just like you and your family. Your pets are part of your family.

Don’t let your pets go outside alone to do their necessities. Put a leash and go out with them. Take a brief walk and come back home. Going out alone you are putting your pets in jeopardy by being attacked by wildlife, taken by a thief or runaway and get lost.

When you take your pets out on a leash put something warm for yourselves and also on your pets. Yes your pets needs a coat and even booties. Especially short hair dogs like pit bulls or chihuahuas.

You must take time for your furry pets. They depend on you. Just like a baby you must watch over them. Alway.

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective.

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