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Pet Theft Rise Caused By Epidemic

A reporter reached out to me last week regarding on pet theft on the rise because of the epidemic. I asked him what epidemic? It could be because everybody is on lock down. They are spending more time with their pets. Pets are a lot more unattended when in the yard. While owners walk their pets they want to walk the dog and also at the same time do errands. That would mean the owner would tie the dog on a pole or leave them in a car with the window partially open. That would be an easy way for thieves to target on the dogs and easily steal them. That's how most dogs are stolen. That's called easy target. I would say 95% of dogs stolen would be by the three way I mentioned above. The other 5% would be Grand Larceny, Robbery and Burglaries. Thieves know if they commit the 5% they would be committing felonies. If caught they will do time in jail. The 95% it would be a misdemeanor doing no time. They know the police would not entertain it and would send the case to a civil matter or lost property. Depending on the case.

On the epidemic people are lonely at home and need a companion. A friend on this stressful times. People would adopt or buy pets. There will be a huge demand. That's when scammers move in. Scammers would advertise the little cute puppies online. They would go on craigslist and post pictures with a phone number. Ask you to pay by Western Union. They would even speak to you on the phone and convince you to get the dog for a large amount of money. When it's time to arrive your precious pet doesn't come. Their is no dog. Your money is gone. You go to the police but cannot make the report. The report has to be made in the place of occurrence. The crime was not where you live. The crime took place where the perpetrator is at. That is where the report has to be made. You go to a private investigator and spend thousands more for the investigation. The investigator find the place of occurrence. The place where the crime is committed. But nothing could be done because it took place in another country. You lost out.

These crimes mentioned above is not new. It's been going on for decades. But now it happens more frequently because of the epidemic. People want pets for companionship. The demand is huge! Criminals will do anything to take the advantage in taking your pet to sell elsewhere or find a scam to take your money.

What do I do?, you say. Well, I say, go in person. See what you are getting. Go to an animal shelter or to a reputable dealer. I would recommend to adopt. You will be saving a life. Your pet would have all the shots, spayed and neutered too. Microchipped will be given but it is up to you to activate it. Put your active cell number when you register.

Prevent thieves from taking your pets. You can put up the high fences or a wall. Put up cameras like Fort Knox but if you are not watching you are not doing anything. You are just throwing your money away. Your pets are still be taken. One simple rule. Do not let your pets unattended. Not even for a split second. That's it.

I hope these tips would help you some. Remember to microchip, spay and neutered your pets. And hey... Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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