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Pet Safety In Yards

Pets are great escape artists. It doesn't matter what type of animal you have they will escape if given a chance. Your pet doesn't leave because they don't like you. They leave because there is a lot to explore out in the world. They are smart and curious. You may have a tall closed fence. It doesn't matter. They will escape like Houdini.

I had a case recently of a small dog. Like the dog Toto from the movie The Wizard of Oz. The individual called me up and told me his dog was gone. Went missing a couple of days ago. The dog went out to do his business like usual. But this time he never came back. The pet owner went out to the yard to see the delay and the dog was gone. He has a closed tall fence. The gate was closed. No way the dog can get out. Somebody must of taken his dog. The dog owner can't prove it. He has no cameras. He canvassed the area looking for cameras but there were no clear shot on his property. I asked the owner if his dog was microchipped fixed. He acknowledged the dog is fixed but not microchipped.

I asked the owner, let's call him Tom, to heck the area for videos from other buildings facing his back yard. I then wanted him to look underneath his fence surrounding the yard to check the space from ground to the fence. How much gap was there. He sent me a video tape. The whole surrounding of the yard was not escape proof. His dog can easily get out from the bottom of the fence. The truth is a large dog can easily escape from the bottom of the fence. Tom didn't believe me at first until I sent him a video from YouTube of a German Shepard escaping the same type of fence with ease. Eventually with my help the Tom did get his dog back the following day.

Another case I had was my neighbor. He has a adorable pit bull he adopted. The dog was a Sato, a dog from the streets . It was rescued in Puerto Rico and sent to the states. I love that dog. The owner does have a tall fence and put a tall gate with a lock. He did go all out. But the adorable pit was smart. The dog, lets call it Happy, found a way to escape. Happy digged a hole in the yard and went under the fence. Now Happy is running loose in the streets. My daughters got Happy and brought it back home.

It's not only dogs can escape. Any pets can escape. Turtle are great diggers. They can also go under a fence. Cats and dogs can jump over a 6 foot fence with ease. A fence can be broken with a hole and your pet can go in and out with ease. AS owner of the property you may not even notice the fence was broken.

Pet owners have to inspect their properties before letting their pets out. Make sure the area is secured. The gate is closed. No holes around the fence. Find a way for the bottom of the fence is secured for pets cannot escape. Don't leave objects next to the fence. It would make your pets easier to jump and escape. They don't realize it the first day in how to use that object to escape. But eventually they will catch on.

The most important rule is do not leave your pets unattended. Watch over your pets. It only takes one split second for a disaster. Your pet going missing is a big disaster not only for you, but for the entire family.

You want more stories and ideas in protecting your pets? Get my book," Do You Know Where Your Pets Are? It's on Amazon. You can also go to my website and get my book. Safety is first.

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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