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The holidays are here and we have alot of things to do. Cooking , cleaning, buying presents, calling people for the holidays. Keeping occupied and forgetting things on the way. There's one thing I do not want you to forget and that is your pets. This is a reminder. Your pets needs you to protect them especially during the holidays. They can be stolen for cash. Best thing to do is to keep them at home nice and warm with food and water. Also a toy to play with.

Thieves knows the laws. They know if they commit violent crimes they will do heavy time. That is why you don't see much of crimes such as robberies, home invasions or burglaries related to pets occur frequently. Theft occurring on pets are considered misdemeanor crimes in which the thief knows and will commit to make the fast buck. Crimes they will hardly do no time. Crimes in which law enforcement will not even bother with. A crime that we as owners can avoid by taking precautions. Here are 4 steps to avoid having your pet missing or stolen:

1. DO NOT leave your dog unattended in the back or front yards of your home. Even if you have them tied up or fenced in with cameras they can still be stolen or escape.

2. DO NOT do errands with your pets and tie them up on poles. It only takes a minute does not exist while doing errands. It does exist in stealing your pet.

3. DO NOT keep your pets alone in a vehicle at any time. It's like leaving a 50 dollar bill on a dash board. They will break your car window and steal your pet for a fast buck. Also it is a health hazard. Your pet can die on a heat stroke or frozen depending on the temperature.

4. DO NOT leave your pet of the leash. We trust our animals as if they were humans. You have to understand their not. Any loud noise, distractions, or other pets or wildlife they will run off and you would not be able to retrieve them because they are to fast . Especially if they are not spayed or neutered.

We as owners can avoid pet theft by taking these simple steps. Don't make it easier for the thieves to ruin your holidays and taking your family member away from you. These precious pets depends on you as it was a child. It is your responsibility to protect them. Nobody else.

That is why I wrote my book,” Do You Know Where Your Pets Are? I,a pet investigator and retired New York City detective, provide readers a guide to finding their missing or stolen pets. I give great insight into preventing abductions and keeping pets safe. I provide captivating first hand experiences on the cases I’ve solved and the animals I’ve saved along the way.

Get my book today for yourself or as a gift to family and friends. Go to

Have a Happy Holiday,

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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