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NY Pet Fashion & Celebrities With Ada Nieves

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Ada Nieves a NY Fashion Designer for pets and owner of Manhattan the Chihuahua. Manhattan is in the movie Hustler as Mr. Bruce, directed by Jennifer Lopez.

Video of Manhattan as Mr. Bruce in Jennifer Lopez's movie called the Hustler.

Pictures of Ada Nieves with Celebrities from left to right: Dave Letterman, Jason Galaxy, Cesar Milan, Martha Stewart, and

Ada Nieves incredible famous pet fashion designer with her 6 pet actors chihuahuas. Ada was on the Letterman Show, The Martha Steward Show, & Conan O'Brien Show, & Co-Host of the Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park. to name a few. She is the C0-Chair of the NY Pet Fashion Show. Ada's celebrity chihuahuas were in the Fallon Show and in the movie Hustler with Jennifer Lopez. Watch Ada Nieves talking about her incredible journey and accomplishments in the pet fashion industry and celebrity world.

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