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Missing Cat Found Owner

I just had a case a couple of days ago. It's regarding a missing female Russian Blue cat name Coco. The owner was working from home and his window was cracked a little bit open. He notice his cat was zeroed in a bird that was on the ledge of the window sill. The cat somehow squeeze through or probably forced it a little more open to get out to try to get the bird. Then possibly fell off. The owner lives on the second floor so it's not that far down to the ground. First time this ever happened. The owner had the cat for a couple of years. The owner was putting up flyers in the streets and in the park. He resides close to Riverside Park which is a huge area. It covers more than half of the westside of Manhattan. He told me He walks out at night with her favorite toys. Calling her name out. With no results.

I did asked him questions of him and of the cat. I want to know their connections and the behavior of the owner and the cat. It's also important the breed of the pet. This would help me evaluate and come up with a plan. I told him how his cat is. The cats behavior and how she reacts. In which I was accurate because he agreed with me. I told him the cat will come back on it's own. He will hear a meow and when he looks out the cat will be there. The cat was missing for a week before he reached out to me.

The next day the owner called back and told me that the cat did come back home the same day during the night. The cat was meowing. When he looked out the window it was his cat. The cat is back in her cozy home.

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Angel Nieves Your Pet Detective

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