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Let Wild Be Wild

David Loverde and his late wife , Barbara "Missy Runyan worked together on a wildlife rehab center call FriendsWorking 24x7 of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center Inc. 501c3, located upstate New York. Missy is the founder of the organization and both are dedicated to the lives of the wildlife throughout the state. They have a 100 ft flight cage with a pond which allows to rehab bald eagles and golden eagles. They also have a 50ft by 20 ft by 12 ft high state of the art black bear enclosure. FFF Wildlife Center is currently the only black bear rehabber in the New York State Missy passed away in 2021. Dave is now running the center. She will be missed in the rescue world and to the many hearts she touched. Never Forget For more information and donation, go to

As well as rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife, FFF Wildlife Center travels to many locations where animals are threatened with future injury, physical injury of adult animal that can be treated without capture nor injury to animal.

A 501(c)3 dedicated to helping injured and orphaned New York State wildlife, headed by a multiple-license Rehabilitator. Organization only relays on donations. Please donate by going to the link or call 518-965-1864.

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