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It’s A Joke But Take It Seriously

This is a joke. It may be funny to some. But not to all. The truth is that it have went through some neighbors mind and it has happened. Pet owners do leave pets unattended. Some pets do go to other properties and do poop or pee. Or did holes in the ground. People are not responsible of your pets. You are. You have the responsibility and commitment to take care and watch over your pets.

I may sound harsh here but what I’m trying to do is to protect your pets. Whether they are right or wrong. Your pets could or would get hurt by anyone with that mentality and it would be to late if something happens.

I remember once a neighbor who’s not there anymore took the bones of buffalo chicken wings and threw them over towards my side of the fence. I actually saw the individual doing it. I had a buchón frise at the time. My dog did have the time to get it because I was right behind him. I plead the fifth what happened next. If I wasn’t there and my dog would eat the bones he would have a painful death. If I wasn’t there my dog could have died.

I cannot emphasize enough of not leaving your pets unattended. I even wrote a book on it. It’s called,”Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?” It’s on Amazon now. Or you can get it on my website,” “.

In my book there are ways in protecting your pets. What to do if a pets is lost. What to do if you find someone else’s pet. It also have successfull stories with happy endings. It’s a great book for yourself or as a gift for others you know who owns a pet.

Safety is first for your pets. Thank you for your time and get my book today.


Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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