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Is Your Pet Really Missing?

Have you ever lost your keys? You look all around the house. Check your car. Make phone calls. Even had a search team. To then find out your keys were in your pants pocket. Why? Because you panicked or was in a hurry and forgot that you had it all along.

Pet owners are the same. They panic if they cannot find their pets in the house. Somebody left the gate open in the yard. Or the handyman is working and left the front door open by accident. You call for your pet and no answer. You automatically think your pet ran off. Your baby is gone!

But look at the above photo. See the flyer of the missing cat on the window? Now on the other side you see the same cat looking out the window. It's funny. But the truth is it really happens. Pet owners believe they lost their pets but truly the pets are still in the home. Here are two stories of my past cases in which I've worked on with positive results. Pet owners could not even believe how quickly I found their pets on my phone consultations.

Case #1- A phone call of a missing cat in an apartment in Manhattan. The pet is a female sphynx cat. The owner told me the super was working in the apartment all day and left the door open In which he believes the cat ran out. I asked him regarding the behavior of the cat. He told me the cat does hide when she see's strangers. It keeps to herself. While I/m talking to him regarding the cat I see he's very active and busy. So I came to the conclusion that the cat is still at the apt. I told him to go to the bedroom and look for the cat behind and around the cabinet. I also told him that he will hear a meow and he will find his cat. The owner told me he checked the whole apt. already. He lives in a small studio. The area is very small. I asked him again to check in the area I requested and please to call me back with the results. I waited a little bit over a half an hour and no call back. So I ended calling him back. He answered the phone very excited. He found the cat at the same spot I told him to look. He heard the cat meowing and found her stuck between the cabinets. The owner didn't call me because he was calling everybody else of the results and telling them I was a psychic. I smiled and had to convince I wasn't a psychic.

Case #2- A call of a missing dog in a house. The pet was a border collie. The owner told me that everyday when he comes home from work his dog always greets him at the door. Today was different. The dog didn't greet him. He called for the dog and checked the house and no dog. He doesn't have an idea where he can be. I again asked for the behavior of the dog. The dog sounded like he was skittish and has his nose down to the ground looking up. That is normal with the nose down because that's what border collies do with cattle when they round them up. That's what these dogs are bred to do. Now in the morning the owner was in a hurry to go to work. Which to me he wasn't paying much attention to the dog. So I came out with a conclusion and asked him to go to the bedroom and check under the bed. That he will see two eyes looking at him. I believe the dog is under there. Please call me back with the results. Again. I waited for a half an hour for his call with the results. I had to call him. The owner told me he found his dog under the bed. The dog was looking at him. What happened was when he left the bedroom in the morning he closed the door behind him to the room. Leaving his dog inside the bedroom. The dog went under the bed for comfort as it was like a wolf in it's den.

I have more stories if you want to read in my book, "Do You Know Where Your Pets Are? A Guide To Finding Your Pets" PRESS HERE TO ORDER

If you believe you lost your pet. First you have to do is take a deep breath and think. Did I lock the door behind me and left my pet in the room? Is the dog in the yard? Did a family take the cat to the vet or get groomed? It must be a busy day for you but you must take time for your pets and make sure they are secured before you leave the house. Also don't depend on someone else to do your obligations. If you do double check. Two heads are better than one.


Angel Nieves

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