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Interview on the Morning Rush Show regarding the Dallas Zoo Caper

Angel Nieves from the Your Pet Detective Show on an interview on the Morning Rush Show on January 31, 2023. Watch video.

On January 13, 2023 after midnight a Clouded Leopard name Nova, was set free by cutting the fence open. Nova was captured the same day unharmed.

On the same date, 01/13/23 the fence was also cut open but the Langur monkeys did not escape.

On January 21, 2023 a 35 years old endangered species Vulture name Pin was killed. Something must of went wrong and the bird had a punctured wound on the body.

On January 30, 2023 two Emperor Tamarin monkeys were taken from the zoo. The fence was also cut opened. they were both found 15 miles away inside an abandoned building unharmed a few days later.

On February 3, 2023 the alleged suspect Davion Irvin,24 was arrested at the Dallas World Aquarium.

Two other locations in Louisiana and New York City, there were break- ins and animals were gone from the zoos. None of them were recovered.

On February 1, 2023 before midnight at the Zoosiana, a zoo located in Louisiana, 12 squirrel monkeys were stolen. My theory is these individuals knew what they were doing. Probably took the monkeys for breeding and sell them in the Black Market.

On February 3, 2023 at approximately after midnight an unknown individual cut open the fence and let go free an Eagle Owl name Flaco. The bird is not yet captured at this time. It is the larger in the owl species. Each wing expands 6 foot long and can carry an animal that weighs 30 pounds. Which would be most pets. So please do not leave your pets unattended. Not even for a split second.

No further information on the burglaries of the three locations. The cases are still under investigation and still open.

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