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How To Prevent Pet Theft

How To Prevent Pet Theft?

People don't realize that pets are just like children. They need somebody to watch over them. We depend a lot of them and really believe that our pets will never do such a thing like disappear and never come back or be taken by somebody.Well it does it does happen! In this discussion I want to give my input in Pet Theft Prevention. I would like your input & any questions you would have in this dicussion for awareness among each other. I will not cover all the bases because I want evrybody to get involved and put in thier inputs also. Let the journey begin!

I would say that most pet theft is preventable. It is lack of laziness & carelessness. Is that a yes or no?

Going to the store, hair salon, etc.. and leaving your dog tied to a pole or leave it in a car(Windows open, car unlocked, motor running.) Letting the dog roam around your property to do it's thing unattended, then forget he's even out there. Check and your dog is gone. There was once an incident that the person had a camera surrounding the house and let the dog out. An hour later the dog was gone. When he went back to the camera, the thief covered his face with a hoody. Couldn't ID! If you do not watch your camera constantly it would be useless.

There are a lot of ways to prevent for pets to be stolen. One way is chipping your pet. A lot of people get their pets from shelters or pet shops (always adopt not shop)

which are already chipped. The problem is a lot of people do not know that their pets have to be registered. If not registered and God forbid the pet gets lost or stolen it would not be returned to the owner because there is no information.

Lets think of criminal minds. There are a lot of reasons why our pets are targets of being stolen.

01) For breeding 02) For Bait 03) For Bunching(labs) 04) For Rewards/Ransom 05) For Revenge (Domestic & Non-Domestic) 06) Religion (sacrifice or spell) 07) Stories (Don't want the pet anymore so tells a lie and send it to a shelter or gives it away. 08) To sell or for illegal adoptions.

If a pet is lost or stolen, there are steps to be done.

1) Call the police and make a report for stolen or lost property. 2) Make sure to get a complaint report from the NYPD in your precinct reported. 3) Make sure to carry this report number with you in case you do see your pet with somebody.

4) Keep any ID & recent photo of your pet with you. 5) Also don't forget to carry personal ID with you to prove you are the owner. 6) Make out Flyers :

A) Reward on top with red letters. B) Recent Photo C) Brief narrative. with Time/Date of occurrence & place lost or stolen. D) Your temporary cell number. Do not block number. E) If pet need medication put it in narrative. 7) When flyer is printed out place them around the location where pet is missing.Also place them at Vets, shelters, and local stores.

Contact via phone the ACC, ASPCA's and adjoining shelters and fax the flyers over.

9) And of course contact me via email & tag it to my photo's.

Anything you can add please do so.

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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