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How Fast Is A Split Second?

How fast is a split second? A blink of an eye? That's how long it take to steal your dog if you tie it up on a pole or any other fixed object while doing errand or having a latte at Starbucks.

Just think about it. Tie a dog on a phone booth in midtown in front of Starbucks. The window is huge and you have a good view of your dog. You think I will be in and out and I can see my dog. You go in and see one person in front of you. The person in front of you place an order. You get a call on your cell and it's your job or your family member calling. 5 minutes passes. The worker at Starbucks ask for your order. You order your latte and continue on the phone. You finish on the phone and you pay at the cashier. 10 minutes passes. You turn around and see a friend or a person you like and have a short conversation.Total time inside Starbuck is 15 minutes.

Then you step out for get your dog and it's a 50/50 chance your dog is waiting for you wagging it's tail. Or it's a chance your dog is stolen.

You see there is no quick stop or in and outs. It only takes a minute to steal your precious pet. Your family member. Don't take that chance. Leave your pet at home if you going in a place. Or bring somebody with you. Let the person your with or stay out with your pet. Have your coffee outside and enjoy the scenery.

It’s your responsibility to make that extra effort for the safety of your pets. only you can prevent Pet Theft.

- Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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