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Helping People, Animals Flee Afghanistan

People fleeing from the Taliban in Afghanistan with their pets in 2021.

(left) Allison Spencer, Vice President of World Hazara Council USA and Treasurer of Paws Unite People.

(right) Meredith Festa, CEO Founder of Paws Unite People and Secretary of World Hazara Council USA.

Together they are helping people and pets around the globe.

World Hazara Council USA mission is to provide advocacy & humanitarian aid to at-risk Hazara & Marginalized Communities.

Paws Unite People mission is to help eliminate the suffering of animals and humans alike.

Together they are people and animals flee Afghanistan from the Talibans.

In 2001 Afghans had to leave Afghanistan because the Taliban takeover of Kabul. Lots of pet owners did not want to leave their pets behind so they stood. Meredith Festa CEO of Paws Unite People and Allison Spencer VP of World Hazara Council USA combined forces to help Afghanistan people flee the country with their pets. Watch the show and here their incredible stories.

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Afghanistan people save from the Talibans sent to secure locations with their pets.

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