• Angel Nieves

Gratitude In Solving Cases Is Priceless!

When I was a cop solving cases and helping those in need it was priceless seeing their gratitude's. It is something that they never forget. Even retired they still remind me of their gratitude and even change their lives for the good. That is why we say a cop is always a cop.

Now retired I do the same for the voiceless. I solve cases on missing/stolen pets, animal abuse and neglect. I have people sending me photos of their pets in cases I solved. Giving me thanks. Showing gratitude and being happy. That to me is priceless.

That’s why I wrote my book “Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?” I want to share my experiences and awareness to the whole world in keeping pets safe.

I provide readers a guide to finding their missing or stolen pets. I give great insight into preventing abductions and keeping pets safe. I provide captivating first hand experiences on the cases I’ve solved and the animals I’ve saved along the way.

If you are a pet owner Get my book on Amazon today. It’s also a great gift for your family and friends. You can also get my book on my website

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. Give a big hug to your pets for me and keep them safe.

Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective

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