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Flight Angels Rescues Rehoming By Traveling Pets From Puerto Rico To The USA.

Jada Adorno is a retired NYPD officer serving and protecting the public for 23 years. Jada was a first responder in 9/11 and worked in Domestic Violence Unit. After 9/11 she went to the Counter Terrorism Task Force. After retirement she moved with her family to Puerto Rico in 2020. When Covid hit, JADA started walking for exercise that’s when she encountered with a dog dumped and tied to a tree on a deserted road . She took him and named him Lorenzo. She had no idea what to do. Didn’t know anyone or of any rescue. All SATO Project ended up accepting Lorenzo. It happened more and more. Stray cats and dogs all over the island. Jada then started following a rescue group named ,Souls for Satos. Chelsey is the founder - she would make post asking for volunteers to take a pup to New York . Jada shared and started getting people on vacation volunteering taking pets back to the states. That’s when Jada came up with Flight Angels. She never thought it would work and now Flight Angels is almost 13,000 strong and approximately homed 2,000 dogs and cats in the United States. Now Flight Angels is in the process of trying to start a non - profit for flight angels to help independent rescues and those who can’t afford to take their dogs with to the states covering the costs. Jada’s love for animals goes beyond words can express even when she would be on patrol in New York City, she wants to save them all. In Puerto Rico even more .The devastation goes beyond what a person can imagine. You can’t describe the devastation and problems in Puerto Rico. Puppies are being dumped ,poisoned , and shot. it’s unimaginable .Some days Jada feels defeated and don’t wanna look but she have to with success as an experience retired NYPD Officer. She use to protect and serve to the public. Now she does it for the animals in Puerto Rico.

Please donate to Flight Angels:

Flight Angels℠ is a rescue group, where they help connect rescued animals, sheltered and or abandoned animals with their forever homes.

Please see video of the organization below.

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