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Dr. Chris Nagy Interview On Eastern Coyotes Migrating in New York City

Eastern Coyote in New York City

Dr. Chris Nagy is an ecologist who has studied wildlife and conservation in the New York area for over 20 years. He is currently the Director of Research and Education at the Mianus River Gorge in Bedford, NY and a co-founder of the Gotham Coyote Project. His work focuses on the ecology of eastern coyotes, white-tailed deer management, protecting native biodiversity in urban areas, and student mentorship.

Coyote capture on a 24 hrs. surveillance sensor camera put up on trees. This was taken by Pelham in The Bronx.

Another video caught by a sensor camera of two baby coyotes playing in The Bronx.

Researchers, educators, and students working together to study the ecology of the northeastern coyote. Go to the website to learn more and donate.

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