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Pet theft or missing pets is rising throughout the globe and is a topic in which you rarely here about. It is a crime in which happens a lot but it's not reported or is not that much in the media. It is not documented because in most cases these cases reports are not made by law enforcements. If you find a private investigator you would have to find one who is experienced in this field and can be costly. Pet owners are then left in limbo, no where to turn to.

That is why I wrote this book, "Do You Know Where Your Pets Are? A Guide To Finding Your Pets." It is written not only for people who lost their pets but also for prevention for thefts/ missing pets and found pets. I put in my experiences and success stories in this book to help pet owners reunite with their pets.

Get the book and share with others. Lets reduce stolen and missing pets globally. Let's keep them safe. Press here and get your copy today!

Thank you, Angel Nieves Retired NYPD Detective/Author Your Pet Detective

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