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Dangerous Situations In Leaving Pets Outside

A pit bull tied by the dog house unable to escape from the waters of the dangerous tropical storm Ophelia in North Carolina. First responder came out on a call and save the dog.

Ardina Seward and Angel Nieves are the hosts to The Your Pet Detective Show on Livestream YouTube Channel. Topics regarding animals and animal issues in America and around the globe. They coduct interviews with special guests on different topics regarding safety and well being for pets. Main goal is Education and Awareness for pets who are the voiceless in our society. We need to be their voices and protect them.

Angel Nieves is a retired NYPD Investigator Detective. Now a license and bonded New York State Private Investigator.

Ardina Seward is a retired Photojournalist Eyewitness News. Now a reporter/Editor at Hamlet Hub.

Ardina Seward and Angel Nieves talks about the danger of leaving pet alone outside without supervision. Pets left tether alone on the Tropical Storm Ophelia i North Carolina.

The other topic is how a chihuahua escaped a full proof yard with high walls. Was he stolen or a great escape artist.

Also Ardina will talk about her accident and she will tell you what her cat did. Incredible.

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