• Angel Nieves

CBS news anchor with Pet Investigator Angel Nieves

"Do not leave your pet unattended, period," said private investigator Angel Nieves.

Nieves is a former NYPD detective, and says do not tie them to something outside and run into a store. He also suggests walking away from people you don't know.

"Give them an excuse to stay away from you - please don't get close to my dog, you know, my dog is skittish," Nieves said. “


CBS News

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WE all know it's a cruel world out there. Bad people stealing our furry love ones. The law becomes vague in preventing these cases. Reports not made regarding missing/stolen pets. It sounds hopeless.

If you find a lost pet take it to the police station of the location where you found the pet. That’s the place of occurrence. It’s a big possibility that’s where the owner goes to make a report of the