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Business Owners Security Awareness During The Holidays

Businessmen or business owners please be more aware and secure during the holiday seasons. Change your patterns of the way you handle your money within the business or taking money to the bank. Thieves will study your patterns and will rob or even hurt you. They know you have a lot of cash. Instead of going to the bank on Friday or Saturday, go on Sunday or Tuesday. Don't leave a lot of money in the store. Even if it's in a safe. The robber will torture you or your love ones to crack that safe open.

Have some friends or family members visit you.Have something for them to drink. My father in law use to own a store and he had spanish coffee. People came in and had some. Store is always busy.It would be hard to hit the place.

Be careful and watch who you hire. It could be a set up to rob or burglarize the place. They will know your plannings and set ups.Especially since you hire them for a short time. Do a background check. Protect yourselves and the people around you.

Have a safe Merry Christmas and a prosper New Years.

- Angel Nieves

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