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Amazing Rescues of John Debacker

John Debaker dedicating is life around the clock saving animals, domestic and wildlife. He will go into dangerous situations and risk his own life to save an animal. A one of a kind true rescuer.

John DeBacker is Vice President at Long Island Cat/Kitten Solution, Inc. and Volunteering at Animal Rights Activist and Rescue.

John DeBacker goal is to save as many animals as humanly possible. Hit above picture and join his Facebook page.

John Debacker dedicates his life saving animals 24x7 in New York. He's a superhero for animals, wildlife or domestic. He would go into manholes and high places. In water and land to save an animal. John is also a feline expert finding missing cats. He is a very amazing rescuer. Watch this must see episode. Listen to his rescue stories. Go to his website and donate:

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