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Abandoned Pets Becoming Invasive & Climate Change

I watched YouTube a lot regarding pets. I came up with these groups of guys in Florida regarding fishes and reptiles. How people are dumping them and how they are producing by the thousands. Just like years ago when I grew up with dogs roaming on the streets in wolf packs. In Florida they do these reptiles and fishes (which we keep as pets in aquariums) are being killed and eaten. These abandoned pets becomes invasive species and is changing the climate change in the water and land.

I see that we need to worry about climate change. But a lot of things are being ignored. We the people have to change our ways like being clean. Pick up after yourself, turn off the lights when you leave the room or not let the water running and go to waste. Stop smoking. Tear down the tobacco and weed industries. There are more people dying because of tobacco than of COVID-19.

Now going back to the animals. Abandoning any animals is not only an abuse it is also changing the climate and habitant for you and wildlife. Wildlife can go instinct because of abandoned animals taking over. This is on land, air and in water. For example a abandoned pet reptile would be eating eggs of a bird and an alligator or a lion fish or Oscar eating fishes who been established for so many years.

We as responsible pet owners have to take care of the animals we take in. It is a long time care and commitment. Before adopting or purchasing a pet do you homework. Go into the internet and read / see videos' and articles on the particular one you want. Don't get em because of ego. Ego only goes for a short time. If you don't have time for them or it becomes to much for you, I'm telling you right now. It's better of not getting anything at all.

Angel Nieves Your Pet Detective

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