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Investigation Services

in New York State

Your peace of mind at an affordable price_

A former New York City Detective, with over 40 years experience in the public and private sectors. Security Consultant and Investigations for People and Animals in the New York Area.  


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Tracking down animal abusers is not that different from my work experience as a former detective who worked in homicide cases. "Animals don't have a voice, and neither does the dead,"


Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective




Karen A. Anderson

To my Cold Case partner,Angel Nieves: Working with you has been such an honor and a blessing. You are an amazing man, talented, so very special. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I love you my friend. 

Heather Angus

My dog has been missing for one week and he helped me go through the tips. He called it. My pet was found the next day due to flyers posted near by.

Michelle Thompson

Angel is the real deal.I had a phone consult with him and he gave me so many wonderful tips on finding my friend's lost cat. We thought we have done everything  possible. His knowledge and experiences is what sets him apart from all the others. I wanted to fly him out to help but he guided what to do over the phone. His book is amazing also a must read for every pet owner. He knows the animals. I highly recommend his spot on detective work. One heck of a nice guy. Thank you Angel. Angels come in all packages. 

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